Emergency Purchases for COVID-19

The following table lists items that were ordered and delivered to address the COVID-19 emergency situation in the State of Hawaii.

ContractorItem(s)QuantityPurchase Order Total Amount
AIRGASSafety Goggles713 each$3,817.72
AmazonNitrile GlovesSize L: 90,000
Size M: 100,000
Size S: 20,000
AmazonSurgical Masks (General Use)100,000 each$68,600.00
AmazonNitrile GlovesSize S: 6000 each
Size M; 40,000 each
Size L: 7,000 each
Amazon.com Services LLCFaceshields10,000$11,417.00
Body Armor OutletNitrile GlovesSize M: 37,000 each
Size L: 58,000 each
Size XL: 34,000
Min PlasticsFaceshields30,000 each$210,314.05
Operation MasksKN95 Masks100,000 each$373,030.00
VWR InternationalSafety Goggles10,100 each$10,130.85