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General Workshops

Workshop NumberTitleDescriptionLengthPrerequisitesTranscriptUpdated
SPO 001Procurement BasicsBrief workshop covers basic things personnel should know prior to conducting or participating in procurement activities such as developing and drafting a solicitation, reviewing, approving, conducting, managing the procurement and administering the contract.16 minTranscript9/14
SPO 127Understanding, Detecting and Preventing Antitrust ViolationsA basic training conducted by the State Department of the Attorney General on detecting and preventing these economic crimes to procurement personnel. Topics covered include general understanding of federal anti-trust laws and penalties; patterns and actions that constitute bid rigging, price fixing, market allocation; how to report suspicious conduct; and possible preventative action and steps to help law enforcement.26 minTranscript6/14
SPO 128Information Session on Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE)Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) is an electronic system that allows vendors doing business with State or County agencies to quickly and easily obtain proof that they are compliant with applicable laws. The HCE certificate of vendor compliance is used to meet the requirements of HRS §103D-310(c) and HAR §3-122-112. This informational session is intended for State and County procurement personnel and will include topics such as: creating an account/registering as a buyer, navigating the system/checking vendor compliance, and understanding various compliance statuses.23 minTranscript8/14
SPO 135Contract Administration

Designed for state personnel responsible for administering contracts, this workshop provides an overview of the necessary components in efficient and effective contract administration; identifies problematic areas of contract administration and mitigation of potential problems; and It also includes: review of the responsibilities of a contract administrator; monitoring and ensuring compliance to the terms and conditions of a contract; avoiding procurement violations by executing timely extensions.51 min1/17
SPO 137Contract Law Fundamentals

This is a brief overview of contract law fundamentals.44 min1/17
SPO 150Insurance Requirements for ContractsDAGS, Risk Management, conducts this workshop. Learn the who, what, when, and why in requiring insurance in contracts and understand potential risks for contracting purposes. Discuss materials to understand the different types of policies and requirements for contracting purposes.51 minTranscript7/14
SPO 155Intra and Out-of-State Travel ProceduresAcquire knowledge on the governing authorities such as union contracts and rules, and the procedures, forms and policies required for authorized travel. Travel procedures are designed to facilitate travel arrangements for per diem, air, hotel, car rental, and other ground transportation costs such as taxi fare, bus, shuttle, for official travel. Covers procedures and policies for intra-state car rental arrangements. Note: Additional requirements imposed by individual departments will not be covered.28 minTranscript5/14
SPO 160Inventory ManagementProvides a comprehensive understanding on the requirements of the State of Hawaii’s Inventory Management System.  Understand  property accountability, internal control procedures, recording of property and supplies, disposal process, and Quarterly Inventory Update Process including sample transactions to update your DAGS Inventory System account .  Steps through the inventory System User Manual including the processes, procedures and forms.26 minTranscript5/14
SPO 175pCard Overview and UpdatesAn overview of the pCard Program and procedures, including cardholder responsibilities, restricted purchases and blocked merchant category codes, dispute procedures, emergency pCard program, and security measures. Also includes program updates, future enhancements, and required procurement training classes.  This workshop is intended to supplement departmental required training on pCard Program policies & procedures.24 minTranscript5/14
SPO 176pCard Program Changes and UpdatesProgram updates are shared on pCard statistics, including total number of transactions, pCard expenditures, and rebates for previous fiscal year. Learn about CentreSuite updates for a more effective administration of departmental accounts. Topics will include Emergency pCard review, an inside view of credit card fraud, MasterCard merchant code locator, Websense, and the Form SPO-035, This workshop is held on as needed basis and agenda subject to change.30 min3/16
SPO 183Procurement Pricing

This is a brief overview of procurement pricing.1 hr 12 minTranscript6/17
SPO 190SPO Price and Vendor List Contracts and Cooperative PurchasingAn overview of the SPO price and vendor list contracts for a range of goods or services from multiple vendors; benefits of these contracts; where is the listing on the SPO webpage; how to use these contracts; completing the Evaluation: Vendor/Product form (SPO-012) for submittal to SPO to obtain feedback from users. Briefing on 'cooperative contracts' that achieves cost effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services by combining the purchasing power of the various governmental entities.58 minSPO 001Transcript11/14
SPO 191Cooperative Purchases

This is a brief overview of cooperative purchases.1 hr 20 min1/17

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Goods, Services and Construction

Workshop NumberTitleDescriptionLengthPrerequisitesTranscriptUpdated
SPO 100, Part 1Competitive Sealed BiddingAn overview of the different segments of the CSB process, also known as Invitation for Bids (IFB). Provides participants the rules and procedures of the CSB process, a sample of a typical IFB, procurement notices, pre-bid conference, specifications, protest procedures, etc. Review the various preferences (i.e. Hawaii Products, Recycled, etc.), and a brief overview of CSB conducted via HIePRO.1 hr 39 minSPO 001Transcript11/14
SPO 100, Part 2Competitive Sealed BiddingAn overview of the different segments of the CSB process, also known as Invitation for Bids (IFB). Provides participants the rules and procedures of the CSB process, a sample of a typical IFB, procurement notices, pre-bid conference, specifications, protest procedures, etc. Review the various preferences (i.e. Hawaii Products, Recycled, etc.), and a brief overview of CSB conducted via HIePRO.1 hr 35 minTranscript7/14
SPO 105, Part 1Competitive Sealed ProposalsThis workshop is presented in 2 parts. Part I provides instruction in preparing a Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSP), also known as Request for Proposals (RFP). The workshop includes determination of usage, development of scope of work and requirements in conducting a CSP procurement. Examples and sample template are reviewed in the workshop.1 hr 1 minSPO 001Transcript11/14
SPO 105, Part 2Competitive Sealed ProposalsThis workshop is presented in 2 parts. Part II explains the responsibilities of the evaluation committee, its involvement in the development of the evaluation criteria and the evaluation process after proposals are received. Contract award and protest procedures will also be covered.48 minTranscript7/14
SPO 110Emergency and Sole Source ProcurementsReview of the statutes and administrative rules governing emergency and sole source procurements, the procedures and the forms required to request approval to use these two procurement methods, and the requirement for posting the awards resulting from the procurements. Examples and flow charts are shared to foster discussion to provide attendees a better understanding on the applicability of these procurement methods.36 minSPO 001Transcript11/14
SPO 115Professional ServicesUnderstand what are 'professional services'; step through the processes to procure professional services as a qualifications based process; review and selection committees and responsibilities; affidavit form; conducting a debriefing; and requirement for posting of award information.29 minSPO 001Transcript11/14
SPO 120Small Purchase Method of ProcurementThis workshop is designed for state & county personnel conducting a solicitation utilizing the small purchase method of procurement. Presents a review of this procurement method and its place within the framework of procurement procedures; conditions under which this method of procurement may be used; explanations of dollar thresholds, parceling; review of small purchase procurement Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) and Procurement Circulars; quick overview of HIePRO (State of Hawaii eProcurement Application)- when its use is required. Includes:
1. Why We Procure - doing the right thing.
2. Planning - acquisition strategy, market research, deciding what is needed, choosing the right method of procurement, timeline development.
3. Solicitation Development - developing specifications, criteria, administrative requirements, timeline.
4. Solicitation Issuance - procedures for issuing, questions, confidentiality.
5. Evaluation and Basis for Award - evaluating responses received, conditions for award, Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE).
6. Award - notifications, posting requirements, contracting requirements, protests.
7. Responsibilities After Award - contract administration, getting what we pay for, monitoring, amendments.
28 minSPO 001Transcript11/14
SPO 122Basics of Writing Specifications/Scope of WorkLearn the basics of writing specifications and scope of work for purchases of good, services and construction. Attendees will gain an understanding of what to include (and what not to include) in their solicitations. Workshop will provide general tips for writing thorough, clear/concise specifications/scope of work that apply to all methods of procurement.34 minTranscript7/14
SPO 125Exemptions from HRS Chapter 103DUnderstand what is an 'exemption from HRS Chapter 103D'; view the listings of exempt procurements; review the essential requirements and the forms to document an exempt procurement. When applicable, using the process and form to obtain CPO approval. Review the requirement for posting award.1 hr 12 minSPO 001Transcript6/15
SPO 126Procurement Code of Ethics and ComplianceAn overview of Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR), Chapter 3-131 on "Compliance", formerly known as "Procurement Violations." Topics include procurement code of ethics, parceling, procurement violations, application of civil and criminal penalties for procurement violations, and assessment of administrative fines for employees and vendors.26 minTranscript9/14
SPO 130 Part 1Construction ProcurementsIn Part 1 of this training, we will be covering various topics associated with solicitation planning all the way through contract execution. SPO Workshop #130 Part 1 is required training in order to participate in procuring construction services and receiving the associated procurement delegation. Construction contract administration and closeout will be the subjects of Part 2 of the SPO Workshop #130. 1 hr 9 minTranscript8/15
SPO 145Green PurchasingDBEDT conducts this workshop. Introduction to the environmental, economic, health and pollution prevention benefits of ‘green purchasing’, also known as environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP); provide an overview of the procurement mandates for agencies under state law (Chapter 196, HRS and AD 06-01); and how to identify and procure environmentally preferable products in the SPO price and vendor lists. Includes products with Energy Star ratings, recycled and bio-based content ranging from office supplies to less toxic institutional cleaning products. Presenters will also briefly discuss the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative and Global Warming Solutions Act (Act 234, SLH 2007) as broader context for green purchasing. Participants will learn about current green purchasing activities of other agencies and the results of the annual EPA - DOH environmentally preferable purchasing survey. The new Green Government Challenge, a voluntary program which includes green purchasing criteria. Learn about how green purchasing saves money, energy and water resources, protects worker health and reduces pollution.50 minTranscript12/14
SPO 185Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll & Contracting Agency Responsibilities

DLIR conducts this workshop. An overview of HRS Chapter 104, which requires all laborers and mechanics on public works projects to be paid prevailing wages, and contractors to submit certified payrolls to their contracting state or county agency. Determination of prevailing wage, classification of laborers and mechanics, understanding allowable fringe benefits and how to spot problems on certified payrolls submitted for public works projects are topics covered in the class.2 hr 11 minTranscript5/14

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Health and Human Services

Workshop NumberTitleDescriptionLengthPrerequisitesTranscriptUpdated
SPO 200, Part 1Basics of Procuring Health and Human ServicesThis workshop provides an overview of HRS Chapter 103F, Purchases of Health an d Human Services.
Part 1 provides some background information on the State Procurement Office and HRS Chapter 103F, Purchases of Health & Human Services.
22 minTranscript8/14
SPO 200, Part 2Basics of Procuring Health and Human ServicesThis workshop provides an overview of HRS Chapter 103F, Purchases of Health an d Human Services.
Part 2 provides a brief overview of HRS Chapter 103F statutes and its administrative rules.
30 minTranscript8/14
SPO 200, Part 3Basics of Procuring Health and Human ServicesThis workshop provides an overview of HRS Chapter 103F, Purchases of Health an d Human Services.
Part 3 provides resources when planning and preparing health and human service procurements.
9 minTranscript8/14
SPO 205Planning, Using Requests for Information (RFI), and Collaboration for Health and Human ServicesAn overview of planning, the team approach, requirements for conducting requests for information, collaboration that does not impinge on open competition for contracts, resources to use as planning tools, and when to utilize the RFI for federal grant application29 minTranscript8/14
SPO 210Treatment, Restrictive, Crisis and Small Purchase Methods
of Procurement and Exemptions
from HRS Chapter 103F
An in-depth review of the source selection methods other than competitive (RFP) including conditions for use, procedure for requesting approvals, forms, procurement notice requirements, posting requirements and record-keeping39 minTranscript9/14
SPO 215The Request for Proposals (RFP) Process for Health and Human ServicesAn overview of the RFP development process, including working with the RFP team, timelines, RFP templates, conditions for use, administrative requirements, service specifications, instructions for responding to the RFP, evaluation criteria, and attachments; deciding when to require supporting documents; the RFP and contracts database websites as planning tools; procurement notice requirements; orientation meeting and addenda49 minTranscript11/14
SPO 220Evaluating Proposals for RFPs for Health and Human ServicesAn overview of proposal evaluation and steps to take from the receipt of proposals to notice of award, including register of proposals, mandatory requirements, correctable errors, rejection of proposals, evaluator and advisor qualifications and training, confidentiality issues, evaluation criteria, scoring proposals and documentation, discussion with applicants after proposal submittal deadline, notice of award - statement of findings and decision, contract negotiations, inadequate response to an RFP31 minTranscript12/14
SPO 225RFPs: Getting from a Notice of Award to an Executed Contract for Health and Human ServicesAn overview of the process from the notice of award through execution of a contract, including statement of findings and decision, protests and requests for
reconsideration, contract negotiations and discussions with applicants after award,
contract development, and preventing interruption of services.
43 minTranscript2/15

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Hawaii State eProcurement (HIePRO)

Workshop NumberTitleDescriptionLengthPrerequisitesTranscriptCourse UpdatedReference Material TitleReference Material Updated
SPO 301 Part 1HIePRO Buyer TrainingDesigned for State/County procurement personnel who will be utilizing HIePRO for their procurements, this workshop is presented in 2 parts both of which are required to be taken at the same time. Upon completion, and providing all other training and written delegated authority requirements are met buyers may conduct Small Purchase Request for Quotes on HIePRO (RFQ).

Part 1 includes: overview of HIePRO and eProcurement; requirements before conducting procurement; solicitation creation: commodity codes, description/specifications; unit of measure, delivery/start-end of contract dates; estimated price; uploading attachments; submittal due date; standard & optional instructions; Q & A; pre-bid conference section; solicitation release; and solicitation addenda (time permitting).

This workshop is intended for HIePRO buyers. Only attendees approved by HIePRO Administrators should attend. SPO 301 is not intended for approvers, supervisors, or persons assisting buyers.
1 hr 17 minSPO 001
SPO 120
Transcript11/14HIePRO Buyer Training - Part 1
SPO 301 Part 2HIePRO Buyer TrainingPart 2 of Basic Buyer Training for HIePRO includes: addenda/amendments to the solicitation if not covered in the previous session; reviewing the abstract and selecting an awardee; award notice; standard and optional instructions for award notice; compliance with HCE; amending awards.20 minTranscript11/14HIePRO Buyer Training - Part 2
SPO 305 HIePRO Approver TrainingDesigned for personnel who will be approving HIePRO solicitations/awards in the HIePRO application, this workshop provides the basics of using HIePRO for approvals. It includes a brief overview of approval routes; how they are created and work; the procedures/mechanics of approving or rejecting a solicitation or award;routes with more than one approval; areas to emphasize in your review. There will be time for questions and answers. Note: This workshop is required for HIePRO approvers.56 minTranscript4/15HIePRO Approver Training
SPO 371HIePRO Dept Administrator TrainingThis workshop is for Department eProcurement Administrators and alternates. It includes: an overview of the application, HIePRO Administrator responsibilities; differences from HePS, how to enable buyers; create approval routes and assign them; creating alternates for buyers and approvers; overview of the requestor role and how it may be used.1 hr 11 minTranscript7/14HIePRO Dept Administrator Training


Forms for implementing HIePRO:

NAICSHIePRO: Transition from NIGP to NAICS CodeIn this informational session you’ll learn about the NAICS codes used in HIePRO, and how to find the right one for your solicitation. We’ll also briefly cover issues regarding the transition from NIGP to NAICS.19 minTranscript9/15HIePRO: Transition from NIGP to NAICS Code9/15

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