How can I update/amend an award when it was not entered by my account?

Posted on Dec 9, 2013 in Awards & Postings.

For awards except for professional services method of procurement awards (HRS 103D-304):

  • The award/contract may be transferred to your division account for you to amend
  • Check the awards website: search by department, division and criteria such as vendor or contract number.
  • If it is on the public site, contact your Department Accounts Manager and provide:
    • Details so the contract can be found including, division, contract number, vendor awarded
    • The login (not password) to whom the award should be re-assigned
  • Upon verifying it is appropriate to transfer, the Department Accounts Manager will contact SPO with the following information:
    • Department, division, (if any) contract number, vendor, and the login to which the contract should be re-assigned. The contract will be re-assigned to the appropriate account within 10 working days.

For professional services method of procurement awards pursuant to HRS Section 103D-304: