What is Form 8821?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 in HCE.

IRS Form 8821 allows the IRS to post your compliant status on the HCE system. Submit the signed form 8821 to the IRS contact information provided on the form. Failure to submit form 8821 after initial HCE registration and for renewals, when required, will result in a not compliant status. Form 8821 is pre-populated when printed from the HCE website and no changes shall be made to the form or the appointee information. Form 8821 includes verbiage on the form that it is “for the purposes of receiving a tax clearance or denial online;” form 8821 is specific for HCE to allow for the sole disclosure of the taxpayer status: compliant or not-compliant. The IRS independently reviews the taxpayer’s records and manually inputs each taxpayer’s compliance status into the HCE; taxpayer records are not disclosed to the NIC Hawaii.