Government or Public Agency

This category includes public schools, cities, counties and various other governmental entities. Public agencies can acquire property to carry out or promote one or more public purposes for the residents of a given political area.

Public purposes include but are not limited to programs such as conservation, economic development, education, parks and recreation, public health and public safety. For example, the civil defense function of a city or county will be included under the category of public safety. This same category would equally apply to law enforcement, rescue squads and alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers.


Public Agencies

      • State Agencies
      • State Schools (Universities, Junior Colleges, Technical Schools, Colleges, etc.)
      • County Commission (Sheriff, Probate Judge, Tax Collector, EMA, etc.)
      • County Soil and Water Authority
      • Water Authorities (County/City)
      • Public Housing Authority
      • County Hospitals
      • Councils of Government
      • Public Libraries
      • Public Schools
      • Public Museums
      • City Government


      • Volunteer Fire Departments
      • Rescue Squads


Complete the application for eligibility and provide documentary evidence of the following:

  1. Cities, counties, state agencies and public schools are NOT required to submit any additional documentation.


  1. Other types of public agencies must submit proof of public agency status (i.e. charter or statute creating the agency or evidence of tax-supported status) and/or a narrative describing the services provided by the agency.