Winter 2016 Newsletter

Posted on Dec 16, 2016


Happy Holidays From HIePRO and Mahalo for a Great 2016!

Thank you to all the vendors and agency users who contributed to improving HIePRO in 2016.  Special thanks (to our users) who participated in the HIePRO surveys and submitted suggestions to the State Procurement Office.  HIePRO will be coming out with more enhancements in 2017, and we look forward to your continued support in the New Year.

Recent Changes & Updates

As a result of your survey feedback, the vendor dashboard has been redesigned with the modules shown below:vendor-dash

The ‘Edit my profile” link allow vendors access to a “User Management’ module for ease in managing users within their company

The “My Offers” module will track offers submitted in response to a solicitation. Watch for more developments in the upcoming months as more of your ideas will be added to the vendor dashboard.

NOTE: Vendors with a ‘Not Compliant’ notice at the top of their dashboard, as shown above, may still respond to solicitations and submit offers on HIePRO.  However, to receive an award, a company must be compliant in HCE or submit the compliance documents to the procuring agency. You may click on the banner to take you to the Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) website, which is a different interface than HIePRO.

We appreciate your feedback

Submit your suggestions for HIePRO improvements by using the blue Feedback button located on the right hand of the screen when logged in.  Your suggestions and feedback are important to us!!  They are incorporated into our monthly meeting and result in the changes and updates you currently see in HIePRO.


For Vendors

Changes to Vendor Profile.

Starting December 2016, vendor will no longer be able to change their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), if the vendor responded to a solicitation that has closed.  Once the solicitation is awarded, then vendor will be able to update their FEIN.  Vendors are solely responsible for keeping their information updated prior to any solicitation’s due date/time.

Total Value of Offer

When responding to a solicitation, be sure the total amount calculated is the correct price you want to submit.  Example: If the unit price is $0.45 and the quantity is 50,000 units then the total price offered would be $22,500.

For Buyers, Approvers, & Admins

All Awards Report

A new PDF feature, called ‘All Awards,’ has been added to the bottom of each solicitation and will list all awards for the solicitation, the awarded vendors, and the amounts awarded.  It will now be easier for buyers to track all awards for each solicitation on one report.

Automatic HCE Certificate for Award

Buyers forgetting to print the HCE certificate, at the time of award, is one of the most common procurement violations reported.  To help minimize these violation, HIePRO now has the ability to generate an HCE certificate as part of the ‘Award Summary Report’ in the latest deployment.

Total Value of Award

When creating an award, check to make sure the total amount calculated is the correct price being awarded, not just the single unit price.  If you incorrectly awarded for the single unit price, then click on the ‘Re-award’ button on HIePRO in order to correct the total amount and re-award to the same vendor.

Questions about HIePRO?
Contact the State Procurement Office at (808) 586-0554.
Questions about your award or solicitation?
Contact the Buyer.