Spring 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Apr 24, 2017


2017, HIePRO’s Best Year Yet

HIePRO is committed to developing the best eProcurement System in the State, this means maintaining and upgrading HIePRO’s interface and functionality to keep vendor and agency communities engaged.

HIePRO Newsletters are meant to periodically inform you of new features and developments with the Hawaii eProcurement system (HIePRO). Below you will find a list of improvements that have been made in 2017 thus far.

If the HIePRO team receives feedback from users we make every effort to implement your suggestions. HIePRO’s success highly depends on usability so thank you for your continued feedback and support. Your suggestions are always considered.

Recent Changes & Updates

HIePRO has completed the transition from 2012 NAICS codes to 2017 NAICS codes.

If a solicitation was already released with a 2012 NAICS codes prior to the transition then the buyer will not be required to update the code. 2017 NAICS codes will only be required for any new solicitations that are released after the transition.

Vendors will need to update their profile with 2017 NAICS codes. Be sure to add as many codes and descriptions that apply to your business. There is a Add Commodity Codes Video available for your convenience.

Support HIePRO With Feedback

Feedback is the best way for us to improve HIePRO and engage with users. If you find an error or if you want to send us a suggestion, simply login to HIePRO and click the ‘Provide Feedback’ button on the far right of your screen. We will follow up with the status of suggestions and fixes.


For Vendors

New Offer Column.

There is a new column on the ‘Submit Offer’ page so the vendor can view their offer for each line item before they submit their offer.

New Attachment Column

An attachment column was added to the ‘Offers’ module to make it easier for vendors to see what attachments they submitted with their offer.

Unit Price

Vendors can now enter up to four decimal places when entering a unit price.

For Buyers, Approvers, & Admins


If a solicitation or award has not been approved within 7 days then the approver will get a reminder email daily until it is approved.

Vendor Notifications

There is a new column in the vendor notification tab that will display the commodity codes that triggered the email notification sent to the vendor.

No Approvals After Release Date

HIePRO will not allow an approver to approve a solicitation if the release date has passed. The approver will need to reject the solicitation and the buyer will need to update the release date and resubmit for approval.

Questions about HIePRO?
Contact the State Procurement Office at (808) 586-0554.
Questions about your award or solicitation?
Contact the Buyer.