You should be able to find all awards that have been posted within your department. If you are logged in and you cannot find an award using the search, contact customer service (808) 695-4620 or [email protected]

In HANDS you have the ability to add ‘Option Dates’ to awards. There should be option dates for each contract extension. You must include ALL option dates before posting the award.  You will NOT have the opportunity to add option dates later.

Enter the base period of performance when purchasing services or for agreements for purchasing goods and/or services for a period of time.  If the award is for goods, services or construction that has a specific delivery date, enter the delivery date as the contract end date.

An estimate of the total amount should be entered along with the indication that the amount is an estimate.  The estimate can be based on such factors as history of services delivered, anticipated need for services, budgeting considerations/information or any combination of factors procurement personnel appropriate.

That kind of contract is known as an indefinite quantity contract. An estimate of the number of units based on past experience or what is anticipated should be entered as the initial awarded amount. In comments, enter that the amount is estimated.

As the person conducting the procurement your responsibilities are to: Know your internal procedures and who the person responsible for posting is. Submit the data for posting to the person who does post in a timely manner.  Most awards must be posted within 7 days. Submit the information in a manner the person posting will ...
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The following are NOT posted on HANDS: Awards from SPO Price or Vendor List Contracts. Awards for Small Purchases under $2500. Awards made pursuant to Chapter 42F (Grants).

Do HIePRO awards need to be posted?

Posted on Dec 9, 2013

No. HIePRO posts both procurement notices for solicitations and awards automatically. To view HIePRO awards go to HIePRO -> click  ‘Public Search’ -> click the ‘Awards’ tab -> Enter your search criteria -> click‘Search.’