Do I have to attend the Small Purchase workshop (No SPO 120) if I only purchase items from the SPO price/vendor lists?

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in Training.

If you only purchase using the SPO Price/Vendor lists, you are required attend the SPO Price and Vendor List/Cooperative Contracts workshop (No. SPO 190).

If you are responsible for the purchase when a request to purchase off the pricelist (permission to not use the pricelist is granted) you must attend the workshops mandatory for the method of procurement used to purchase the item.

Permission to purchase off the pricelist (not use the pricelist) requires that the purchasing agency utilize the appropriate method of procurement. Permission to purchase off the pricelist means only that the use of the pricelist is not required. It is not an exemption from procurement.

Personnel in Executive branch agencies must have delegated authority when purchasing utilizing any of the methods of procurement such as small purchases or competitive sealed bids, professional services, etc. (Completed and submitted form SPO-036).