I see most SPO workshops are being offered as webinars. What is a webinar and why is SPO offering them?

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in Training.

‘Webinar’ is short for web-based seminar and is a presentation or workshop transmitted on the web. It is different than a webcast, in the ability to be interactive. Where a webcast is one way, (the presenter presents and attendees view and listen,) webinars are interactive. Presenters can conduct polls and ask questions and attendees can ask questions and have them answered in real time.

SPO conducts most workshops as webinars as the best way to meet training needs at a time when resources are very limited. It is the most cost effective and time-saving method for offering training (no travel time or expense). It enables more personnel to attend each session thus making training more accessible to those needing it.

For more information see About SPO Webinars.