I heard we could issue an RFI whenever federal funds are involved and not have to conduct an RFP afterwards. Is that true?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 in Health and Human Services.

No. It is NOT true. Federal funding does not constitute an exemption from procurement. However, there are times when special procedures may be used. This occurs when a purchasing agency wishes to apply for federal funding that is competitive and there is a requirement/preference that providers be named in the grant application. There is not enough time to issue an RFP from the point at which the grant is announced until proposals/applications are due so special procedures are authorized in section 3-143-614, HAR. A purchasing agency may conduct an RFI in those circumstances. The RFI must include the following:

  • The name of the state agency issuing the request
  • A statement that the request is being issued for the purpose of including a provider or providers in a federal grant application which may result in a contract with the provider(s) if the state is awarded
  • A description of the service or services being sought
  • The criteria by which applicants will be evaluated for selection; The deadline by which responses to the request for information shall be submitted and the method
  • Any other requirements that the purchasing agency deems relevant to the request

Reference: HAR Sections 3-142-202(f) and 3-143-614