I received a renewal notice, how do I complete the renewal process?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 in HCE.
  1. Log in to your HCE account.
  2. You will see in red, “please renew” next to the company name. Select the “renew” option.
  3. Review Data. Use the ‘Edit’ link of the section to make changes.
  4. Certify and electronically sign application.
  5. Select “renew” to complete the process.

When you complete a renewal, it automatically generates the required form(s) and electronically sends it to the appropriate department for processing.

There is no fee to process the renewals for the clearances. You will only be asked for payment if the renewal is for your annual subscription fee of $12 to use the service.

Should you need assistance with your renewal, contact technical support at (808) 695-4620.