Is there a fee to use HIePRO?

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 in HIePRO.

HIePRO is an unfunded initiative which means that no funds have been appropriated for the program.  There is no cost for vendors to register or to submit quotes or bids. However upon award, the awarded vendor must pay NIC Hawaii .75% of the original awarded amount, capped at $5,000, within 30 days. Variations to the award amount will not impact the fee due to NIC Hawaii, unless the actual award amount is less than the original award amount. In these cases, the awarded vendor may contact NIC Hawaii and request to pay based on the amended amount.

When the vendor receives a notice of award in HIePRO, HIePRO will automatically generate an invoice to the vendor.  The vendor will have 30 days to pay NIC Hawaii.  Online payments are available in the application at