What are some statutes and regulations with which vendors must be in compliance prior to being awarded?

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 in For Vendors.

All vendors doing business with the State are required to comply with all applicable statutes, administrative rules and procedures.

While applicable statutes will vary with the types of goods, services or construction, vendors doing business with the State must comply with the following Hawaii statutes, including but not limited to:

Vendors must show proof of compliance for the following.

  • Registration and in good standing to do business in the State of Hawaii from the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Business Registration Division
  • Payment of federal and State taxes due -tax clearance- (State Department of Taxation and IRS),
  • Compliance with HRS Chapters 383, 386, 392 and 393 (Department of Labor and Industrial Relations).

Registering in Hawaii Compliance Express is the most efficient way to show proof of compliance.

Vendors may also be required to complete forms testifying they are in compliance with various statutes such as HRS section 103-55.