What are the governing authorities relating to travel?

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 in Travel.

The governing authorities relating to travel include:

Collective Bargaining Agreements for the respective Bargaining Units Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 3-10, Travel Rules Ethics Commission Memorandum (dated 3/3/92) Procurement Circular No. 2007-03, and Amendments SPO Price List Contract No.12-14, Commercial Car Rental Services SPO Vendor List Contract No.13-21, Inter-island Airline Price Agreement Comptroller Memoranda:

  • CM 2012-15–Adjustment of Per diem for Meals Included in Conference Programs
  • CM 2012-03–Federal Per Diem Rate (CONUS)
  • CM 2013-01–2013 Standard Mileage Rate Announced by Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • CM 1992-09–Travel Benefits Relating to Frequent Flyer Programs

Administrative Directives No. 12-02–Travel Per Diem for Cabinet Officials and Excluded Exempt Employees All references above (except collective bargaining agreements) are available on the travel procedures page.