What is Hawaii Compliance Express?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 in For State Personnel. For Vendors. HCE.

Vendors, contractors and service providers must be compliant with statutes and administrative rules.  State agencies are required to verify compliance.  Acceptable documentation of compliance is through Hawaii Compliance Express. The HCE is an electronic system that provides vendors, contractors and service providers doing business with state or county agencies to quickly and easily document that they are compliant with applicable laws.

The HCE certificate, “Certificate of Vendor Compliance,” allows this single electronic certificate as required in Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 103D-310(c) and Hawaii Administrative Rules, Section 3-122-112.

Registered HCE vendors receive a full year of service, automatic submission of information to pertinent government certifying agencies, automatic e-mail notification of status changes, and unlimited access by state and county government entities to print the certificate for their use.

For providers with contracts for health and human services pursuant to HRS chapter 103F, this certificate of compliance is also utilized as proof of tax clearance and good standing as a vendor/provider doing business in the State of Hawaii.