What is Procurement Delegation Authority and how do I know if I have been delegated procurement authority?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 in Featured. For State Personnel.

Procurement authority, the ability to procure, rests with the chief procurement officer (CPO) who may delegate such authority.  For the executive branch, the chief procurement officer has delegated procurement authority to the heads of departments.  Procurement Memoranda state that if heads of departments wish to delegate authority further, the chief procurement officer must be notified in writing (Form SPO-036). If you have been delegated procurement authority, you have completed an SPO-036 and submitted it to your department for approval by the department director and subsequent submission to SPO.  Contact your department Administrative Services Office or Business Management Office to verify you have delegated procurement authority before purchasing.  Part of having delegated procurement authority is the requirement to take appropriate workshops prior to procuring.  See the training requirements section of the SPO website and the procurement circulars on training.