What is proof of compliance/compliance documentation?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 in For State Personnel. For Vendors.

All vendors doing business with the State are required to comply with all applicable statutes, administrative rules and procedures.  State agencies must verify compliance prior to award and may use Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE).

Once a vendor is registered, HCE provides the following proof of compliance/compliance documentation:

Hawaii Compliance Express

When vendors subscribe to Hawaii Compliance Express, they have a simple one-stop online procedure for providing documentation and may manage their compliance for a nominal cost of $12/year.  State agency procurement personnel may view compliance status eliminating the need to supply hard copies of the Certificate of Compliance.   Please note that it may take two or more weeks to establish a vendor account in HCE and it is recommended vendors register in HCE as soon as possible and prior to responding to a solicitation.

Vendors should subscribe to HCE upon deciding they are interested in competing for state awards for goods, services or construction. If a vendor is not registered or not compliant in HCE upon notification or intent to award, another vendor may be awarded.