What is the procedure to obtain intra-state airline tickets?

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 in Travel.

Pursuant to Procurement Circular No. 2007-03 and Amendments 1-5, intra-state air travel requires two (2) quotes for the most economical authorized itinerary and documented on form SPO-030A, Worksheet A (Airfare). Vendor List Contract No. 23-09, Interisland Airline Price Agreement is available to take advantage of discounts benefits. The pCard may only be used for an authorized itinerary. Employee is responsible for any additional cost due to deviation/personal preferences. There is no time requirement when an employee must be at the business destination. Employee should arrive at the business destination (applicable airport) in sufficient time to report for duty (i.e.business meeting, training etc). Justification why the most economical fare is not being used must be submitted on Worksheet A and submitted with the Travel Approval Form (TAF) for approval.