What is the procedure to obtain out-of-state airline tickets?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 in Travel.

Pursuant to Procurement Circular No.2007-03 and Amendments 1-5, out-of-state travel requires a minimum of two (2) quotes from two different sources (i.e. travel agency, airlines direct, or online travel provider) for the most economical itinerary and documented on form SPO-030A, Worksheet A (Airfare). The pCard may only be used for an authorized itinerary. Employee is responsible for any additional cost due to deviation/personal preferences. Justification why the most economical fare is not being used must be submitted on Worksheet A and submitted with the TAF for approval.

Collective bargaining agreement states that “. . .employee shall be scheduled to arrive at the out-of-state destination (applicable airport) at least ten (10) hours before reporting for duty.” (i.e. business meeting, training etc.) Please refer to your respective collective bargaining agreement.