What must an RFI include?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 in Health and Human Services.

There are 6 elements that must be included in an RFI:

  • Name of the agency issuing the request.
  • A description of the information being sought. The more specific the questions, the more likely respondents will address the areas about which you have concerns.
  • The procedure for responding. (Place and location of a meeting, address to send comments, etc.)
  • A statement that participation is optional, and is not required to respond to any subsequent procurement.
  • A statement that neither the purchasing agency nor the interested party has any obligation under the request for information.
  • If applicable, other means by which the request for information is being solicited, such as an oral presentation, meeting, telephone survey, electronic media, or any combination of these methods.

(See:  Is an RFI limited to the competitive (RFP) method of procurement when issuing an RFI pursuant to the special procedures in section 3-143-614, HAR)

Reference section 3-142-202 (c), HAR