What State properties are not accepted by the Surplus Property Office?

Posted on Aug 20, 2020 in Surplus.

Surplus Property Office will not accept the following State properties:

  • Land and Interest in Land
  • Weapons (handguns, rifles, and other explosive devices)
  • Works of Art and Historical Treasures
  • Land Improvements
  • Buildings and Building Improvements
  • Infrastructure
  • Electronic equipment 10 years or older: Monitors, Computers, Printers, and Scanners
  • Any four-legged base chairs, due to safety concerns
  • All press wood furniture
  • Furniture that needs to be dismantled for transportation
  • Computer Software

In lieu of emailing the Surplus Property Office, agencies may print and attach OR copy and paste this Q&A section, circling the applicable bullet(s), with their Disposal Applications when requesting a disposal approval for the items mentioned above.

The required Surplus Property Office information, as stated on Chapter 8 of the Inventory System User Manual, may be replaced with the notation: “See attached Surplus Q&A for the unacceptable state properties”.

Notation:  For audit purposes, the name and signature of the disposing agency’s personnel who reviewed this part of Q&A and declared that all items on the Disposal Application are the unacceptable items mentioned above, shall also be included on the Surplus Property Office information.