What steps should be taken to book airlines reservations if, upon receipt of the approved TAF, the selected air scheduled is higher than originally quoted.

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 in Travel.

Employee/travel coordinator must redo Worksheet A. Pursuant to Procurement Circular No. 2007-03 and Amendments 1-3, intra-state air travel requires one (1) quote for the most economical authorized itinerary. Out-of-State travel requires a minimum of two quotes for the most economical authorized itinerary. The final reservations made should match the most economical quote received, unless otherwise justified. Employee (or travel coordinator) need not use the same airlines (agency or online booking agency) when making final reservations. Employee (or travel coordinator) must do due diligence in finding the most economical fare. The TAF does not need to be amended for a change in airfare cost.