Who may be invited to respond to the RFI? Does every provider have to be invited to respond?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 in Health and Human Services.

Because an RFI shall be posted on the Procurement Notices (PNS) website, you will hopefully have a reasonable exposure to interested parties. In addition, an RFI may be sent to any knowledgeable person or entity that the purchasing agency deems advisable. Keep in mind the principle of open government. A purchasing agency would not want to invite only one or two providers if there are other providers or stakeholders interested in the target group or service. Remember also that an RFI is not just for provider input but also for input from consumers/clients/users, community groups and other interested parties.

Reference: HAR Sections 3-141-407, 3-142-202(a), 3-142-202(c), and 3-142-202(d)