HRS Section 103D-102 Application of this chapter

Posted on Dec 30, 2010

(Amended by Act 082 Section 2;  effective 7/1/10)

  • Amends section (c) by temporarily authorizing the University of Hawaii(UH) or the Board of Regents (BOR) limited exemption from the procurement code. Severs the State Procurement Office oversight duties and responsibilities, including corrective actions to ensure a consistent and fair procurement system for all affected parties.
  • The provision of HRS §103D-102(b)(3), on application of the code “To procure goods, services,or construction from a governmental body….” is applicable when the goods, services, or construction is available directly from the UH. However, agencies are advised that contracts entered into with the UH, during the effective period of the Act, may not be appropriate when the UH procures the goods or services from non-government sources, as this arrangement may be viewed as circumventing the code.
  • SPO price and vendor list contracts, conducted in accordance with the code and using cooperative agreements provisions, will not be available to the UH during the effective period of the Act.
  • This act is repealed on 7/1/12.
  • See Procurement Circular 2010-02.