FEMA Reimbursement

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Guidance on FEMA ProcurementsGuidanceHigh level overview on FEMA ProcurementsAll FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
(i.e. State, Counties, and Eligible Non-Profits)
FEMA Package Table of ContentsFEMA Package Table of ContentsGuidanceFEMA Package Table of Contents All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
(i.e. State, Counties, and Eligible Non-Profits)
Relief from Federal Procurement Requirements The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released memorandum M-20-17, regarding administrative relief surrounding circumstances resultant of the Corona Virus crisis. This memorandum provides similar administrative relief listed in M-20-11 to an expanded scope of recipients affected by the loss of operational capacity and increased costs due to the COVID-19. The document provides short term relief for administrative, financial management, and audit requirements under 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, without compromising Federal Financial assistance accountability requirements. All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
Of Note: The requirement to omit Geographic preferences and to include soliciting small and women-owned business have both been waived. Also, there is flexibility with the SAM registration requirement.
1SPO PowerpointGuidanceSummary of the issues, including the Top 10 Reasons why FEMA Reimbursement is denied.All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
FEMA Training VideoGuidanceVideo - FEMA Training (approx. 40 minutes)All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
22CFR200GuidanceTitle 2 – Grants and Agreements, Part 200 – The federal law governing FEMA grants requirementsAll FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
3State Special ProvisionsAdd to ContractPer 2CFR200 Appendix I I – these are the special provisions that must be attached to the contract based on its dollar threshold and usage (ie. Construction, goods, services etc)All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
4PDAT Field ManualGuidanceFEMA Procurement Disaster Assistance Team (PDAT) – Training and guidance materials specific to FEMA grants under 2CFR200. Look specifically to the links under PDAT Resources. Use the  Field Manual  together with the Procurement Checklist (#5) to assure completeness.All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
5Procurement ChecklistAdd to Contract FileUse this to check off all the requirements for your procurement and contract. Remember: use it as a guide with the PDAT manual and the 2CFR200 – all should be considered together.All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
6PAPPGGuidanceEmergency and Permanent Work Eligibility – FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide. This guide gives  very specific  details on the Debris Removal contract scope, protective measures and codes and standards. These specifications should be mirrored in the scope of the solicitation for declared post-disaster contracts.All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
7Exclusion Print ScreenAdd to Contract FileYou cannot award a procurement to a contractor who is suspended or debarred through the Federal Exclusion program. Click on  Debarment Search Instructions  to find out how to search the federal database and document your file.All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
8MFR PriceAdd to Contract FileMemorandum for Record – an internal memo for the contract file. The Price Fair and Reasonable Determination and Findings Template – Each procurement AND all funding modifications must be found to be price-fair and reasonable to prevent price gouging. Please refer to the following:All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
FEMA Cost and Pricing Guide
SPO Pricing Training Video
SPO Pricing Training Manual
HAR Reference for Allowable Costs (HAR §3-123-2)
9MFR - AwardAdd to Contract FileMFR Template for basis of contractor type and contractor selection.All FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
10MFR - Small BusinessMust Solicit toFor procurements greater than your small purchase threshold, you are required to solicit to Small businesses, minority-owned firms, and women’s business enterprises for FEMA Reimbursement. Here is a template with instructions (on the 2nd Tab!) you can use for your contract file.All Counties and Eligible Non-Profits
11Contract LogAdd to Contract FileFEMA wants to see that you are conducting contract management oversight to ensure proper performance of the contract, and documenting the file. To enable your documentation requirement, use this Contract Log tool to include in your contract file (usually at the front), to show all the communications, meetings and actions that are taking place over the life of a contract.All Counties and Eligible Non-Profits
12Fact Sheet - Procurement During EE circumstances GuidanceFEMA Fact Sheet: Procurement Conducted Under Exigent or Emergency CircumstancesAll FEMA Grantees and Sub-Recipients
13FEMA Exigency/Emergency FormAdd to Contract FileNon-competitive Justification for Exigent/Emergency Circumstances
14Contractor Responsibility Guidance Form for FEMA ReimbursementsAdd to Contract FileMemorandum for Record Contractor Responsibility Guidance for FEMA Reimbursements

States and Counties have to adhere to the specific requirements of Federal Code: 2CFR200 in order to be approved for FEMA reimbursement! This became effective December 26, 2014.

Be aware that most existing state and county contracts will not qualify for FEMA reimbursement so pre-planning and understanding the new regulations is extremely important.

The State will need to amend their contracts with the 2CFR200 required terms and conditions.

Many counties (sub-recipients/political sub-divisions) across the Nation have their own procurement code and do not necessarily follow the State’s procurement regulations.

Even though the counties in Hawaii follow the same State Procurement Code, they are required to do specific actions when procuring as well as add the 2CFR200 required terms and conditions.

The counties will need to inspect their procurement actions for each contract as they may all have to be re-procured based on the additional 2CFR200 requirements.

Other FEMA Forms

This form is used to document the rented equipment used and its associated cost.

This form is used to assist in documenting the force account expenses for eligible projects.

This form is used to document the work performed and cost associated with the work.

For more information, please visit: www.fema.gov

For information about procurement under grants public assistance policy, please visit: www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/96773