Cooperative Purchasing Program

Cooperative purchasing occurs when one government procurement unit procures with one or more other government procurement units or qualified nonprofit agencies pursuant to HAR Chapter 3-128. Procurement units have the authority to procure and are of 2 types:  internal, or within the State of Hawaii and external, located outside the State of Hawaii.  Requirements for cooperative purchasing include but are not limited to:

  • prior written permission by the Chief Procurement Officer;
  • written agreements between the participating and lead agency;
  • public notice of the solicitation within the State of Hawaii;
  • inclusion of participating agencies in the public notice.

Note: ‘Piggybacking’ on existing contracts is not permitted.


Price and Vendor List Contracts

A price list contract is comprised of a group of common items or services competitively bid to set the prices contractually for a specified time period. A vendor awarded a price list contract is obligated to provide the specified goods or services, at the contracted price and terms, to all purchasing agencies committed to the contract.

A vendor list contract is comprised of qualified vendors that were competitively solicited to provide specified goods and/or services (i.e. Copiers and Facsimile Equipment, WSCA Computer Equipment and Services, etc.) for a specified period and usually at discount rates from a vendor’s established catalog or product lists.

To utilize a price or vendor list contract:

  • a CPO jurisdiction or government agency must be listed in the price/vendor list contract; and
  • personnel purchasing from a price/vendor list contract must take SPO Workshop SPO 190.

The price and vendor list can be found at:  Price and Vendor List Contracts.


Procurement Circulars

Statutes & Rules

Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 103D (Table of Contents) (Links to sections) – All Chapters apply

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR)


  • Form SPO-005 – Request for Purchase Exemption from SPO Price or Vendor List Contract
  • Form SPO-037 – Request to CPO to Conduct a Cooperative Purchase
    • Contact Bonnie Kahakui at 587-4702 or [email protected] for the form and detailed instructions specific to your procurement.