Learn more about the State Procurement Office Preferences (PDF). Preferences apply to:

Hawaii Products

Reciprocal Preference Law

  • State Preference Repository – The NASPO State Preference Repository provides a list of state bidding preferences, describing state requirements for each preference type (preference for in-state/local bidders, sustainable or locally-produced/manufactured commodities, small or diverse/disadvantaged businesses).


  • Procurement Circular 2012-02 – HAR Chapter 3-124, Preferences, Subchapter 1 – Hawaii Products (Includes examples)
  • Procurement Circular 2011-01 – HAR Chapter 3-124 Subchapter 9, Small Business Preference Interim Rules (Notification that these interim rules have expired)
  • Procurement Circular 2010-02 – 2010 Procurement-Related Legislation Act 68 Creates new chapter, not within the Hawaii Procurement Code, entitled Employment of State Residents on Construction Procurement Contracts
  • Procurement Circular 2009-08 – Act 175 SLH 2009: Part II Section 3 – Guidance on Procurement of Fresh Meats and Produce,  Animals and Plants
  • Procurement Circular 2009-07 – 2009 – Procurement Related Legislation Act 175 SLH 2009, Part II Procurement Preferences, new section for agricultural products – fresh meat and produce and animals and plants shall be subject to competitive procurement, also amends Hawaii products section
  • Procurement Circular 2005-03 – Summary of Legislative Bills Affecting Procurement Act 50 (Procurement Policy Board to adopt rules to provide set-asides to small businesses)
  • Procurement Circular 2000-07 – Reciprocal Preference Law

Statutes & Rules

HRS Chapter 103D Hawaii Public Procurement Code (Table of Contents) (Links to Sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-120 to 3-132.  All chapters apply