Specifications & Scope of Work

Specifications:  “Any description of the physical or functional characteristics, or of the nature of a good, service, or construction item.  The term includes descriptions of any requirement for inspecting, testing, or preparing a good, service, or construction item for delivery.” (Ref. HRS §103D-104)

Scope of work:  Sometimes called a statement of work, is a description of the requirements of services to be performed. The scope of work may include material requirements to perform the needed services.

Specification Requirements for Certain Goods, Services or Construction


Office Paper and Printed Material

IT/IRM Acquisitions



Examples of Specifications/Scopes of Work

  • For Goods, Services and Construction, current and past solicitations issued by State agencies, including specifications, are available on HIePRO.
  • Some agencies also place the content of their solicitations on the Procurement Notices for Solicitations website.
  • For Health and Human Services, current and past solicitations issued by State purchasing agencies are on the RFP website.


Green Purchasing

General Conditions for Contracts

General Conditions for Contracts for Goods, Services and Construction

General Conditions for Health and Human Services

Statutes & Rules

Goods, Services and Construction Pursuant to HRS Chapter 103D

HRS Chapter 103D – Hawaii Public Procurement Code – all chapters apply (Table of Contents) (Sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapters 3-120 to 3-132 – all chapters apply

Health and Human Services Pursuant to HRS Chapter 103F

Hawaii Administrative Rules – Chapters 3-140 to 3-149 – all chapters apply

  • HAR Chapter 3-143 Section 3-143-302 Service specifications for requests for proposals