Competitive Purchase of Services

  • The Request for Proposals (RFP) process is used to competitively solicit for delivery of health and human services.
  • The Competitive Purchase of Service Request for proposals (RFP) is the most frequently used procurement method for purchasing health and human services.
Determination For UsePurchasing agency has budgeted funds and/or the legislature has appropriated funds for purchase of health and human services.
Basis for AwardAward is based on the weighted criteria as stated in the solicitation
Brief Description of Procedure
  • A request for information (RFI) shall be conducted in preparation for issuing an RFP.
  • The RFP shall include evaluation criteria and their relative importance.
  • An orientation for applicants shall be conducted.
  • Proposals are not publicly opened so as to avoid disclosure of contents to competing applicants during proposal evaluation.
  • Discussions may be held with applicants in accordance with the RFP or administrative rules for clarification purposes.
  • Notice of award (findings and decision) shall be sent to all responsive and responsible applicants.
Monetary Cap
  • As stated in Solicitation.
  • Limited by availability of funds.
Term Limit of ContractAs stated in RFP.
Public Notice of Solicitation
  • Required . The public notice shall be posted on the procurement notices website.
  • The RFP shall be posted on the RFP website (RFPW).
  • The solicitation shall remain open for a minimum of 28 days.
Public Notice of AwardRequired. Must be posted to Awards/Contracts Reporting Website (Executive Branch) within 7 days after notice of award.
  • Allowed. Protest shall be in writing and postmarked within 5 days of the postmark of the notice of award/non-award.
  • Allowable basis of protests: a purchasing agency’s failure to follow HRS Chapter 103F statutes, its administrative rules, or the RFP.
  • Also contains a request for reconsideration process.
Electronic Procurement SystemRFPS are not being issued on an electronic procurement system at this time.

Statutes & Rules

HRS Chapter 103F Purchases of Health and Human Services (Table of contents) (Links to sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-140 to 3-149 (all chapters apply)