Background and Purpose

When there is good cause for a procurement to be exempt from Chapter 103F, HRS, chief procurement officers (CPOs) may exempt such procurements upon written request by the head of the purchasing agency. The requests listed here include those requests for approval to the Chief Procurement Officer for the Executive Branch (except for the Department of Education, Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation).

Note: Chief procurement officers are designated by HRS Section 103D-203.

The Process

The head of the purchasing agency submits a request for exemption in writing (Form SPO-H-150) to the chief procurement officer.  Before granting an exemption the chief procurement officer consults with the administrator of the State Procurement Office. All requests for exemption shall be posted to a website for 7 days prior to any action by the chief procurement officer.

Other Exemptions

Please note: other awards are exempt from Chapter 103F, HRS as provided in HRS Section 103F-101,  and HAR section 3-141-503, HAR.  Contract awards are posted by the purchasing agencies on the awards site.


Statutes & Rules

HRS Chapter 103F Purchases of Health and Human Services (Table of Contents) (Link to sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-140 to 3-149 (All chapters apply)