Small Purchases of Service

Dividing the purchase of same, like or related services into service purchases of smaller quantities, to evade the statutory competition purchase of service requirements is not permitted.

Determination For UsePurchase of same or like services is under $25,000 in a consecutive 12-month period and in accordance with requirements and rules for small purchases.
  • Generally, this means obtaining 3 quotes.
  • Parceling is not permitted.
Basis for AwardShall be made to the provider with the most advantageous quotation.
Brief Description of Procedure
  • To the extent as it is practical and based on the purchasing agency’s specifications, adequate and reasonable competition of no less than three quotations shall be solicited.
  • The award shall be made to the provider with the most advantageous quotation.
Monetary CapLess than $25,000 of same, like or related services in any 12 month period.
Parceling is not permitted.
Term Limit of ContractEach contract period must be less than $25,000 for any consecutive 12 month period.
Public Notice of SolicitationNot required by statute.
Public Notice of AwardRequired . Must be posted to Awards Reporting Website (Executive Branch) within 7 days of award.
ProtestsNone specified by statute.
Electronic Procurement SystemNot required.

Statutes & Rules

HRS Chapter 103F Purchases of Health and Human Services (Table of contents) (Links to sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-140 to 3-149 (all chapters apply)