State of Hawaii New eProcurement Solution: Aloha eBUYS

Periscope, a mdf commerce company, was selected by the State Procurement Office (SPO) to implement the State’s new cloud-based eProcurement solution, Aloha eBUYS.  The multi-year, phased project kicked off in late 2023, moving Hawaii one step closer to its goal of digitizing and streamlining state procurement processes for Executive Branch Departments.

Transitioning to Aloha eBUYS enables the State to expand the availability and use of statewide contracts, improve compliance and transparency, and reduce overall procurement costs.

The first phase is the statewide implementation of an Aloha eBUYS online shopping feature, the Marketplace, which allows buyers to conveniently browse and purchase from statewide contracts.  In the second phase of the project, the source to contract functionality will be rolled out to Executive Branch Departments.