New SPO Training Portal

The State Procurement Office (SPO) is excited to launch our New Procurement Training Portal for all state and county personnel.

You can:

  • Register online. Register Now! The new procurement training portal is live now at The SPO plans to completely transition to the new procurement training portal by July 1, 2019. SPO’s On-Demand training webpage will still be available through June 30, 2019. During this interim period, employees may use either platform to receive credit for SPO training. Effective July 1, 2019, SPO’s On-Demand training webpage will be taken down and employees will need to use the new procurement training portal to receive credit for SPO training.
  • Take relevant procurement courses on-demand,
  • Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes, and
  • Access your training records as needed. Department training points-of-contact should refer to the Dept Admin’s Manual. All other users should refer to the User’s Manual.

This training portal is a great step forward in making it easier to learn with us, and it also includes:

  • A centralized source of learning,
  • Automating data-keeping and reporting procedures,
  • Bolstering knowledge retention with evaluation capabilities, and
  • Streamlining the learning process.

New and improved courses are being added all the time!

SPO 005 – Market Research and SPO 183 – Procurement Pricing are New!

SPO 120 – Small Purchases has a new look and feel with up to date information! We are also upgrading some of our other regularly used trainings over the next year. Please check periodically for future new and updated courses.


Click Here for the SPO Training Portal!

Do NOT use the Google Chrome web browser. For best results, use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.


User's Manual

SPO Training Portal User’s Manual

Department Administrator's Manual

SPO Training Portal Dept Admin’s Manual