Procurement Position Levels

Position Level 1

Procurement Duties/Responsibilities/Tasks

  • Procurement Officer (head of the purchasing agency (HOPA) who has written delegated procurement authority from the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO).
  • Procurement Officer(s) with written delegation from the HOPA, limited to Deputy Directors, Executive Directors and Heads of Attached Agencies.

Note: Required to attend Level 2 mandatory workshops, as applicable, when subordinate staff is not delegated written procurement authority.

Position Level 2

Procurement Officer(s) (excluding those positions named in Level 1) whose responsibility it is to oversee/supervise the procurement process, develop, draft, review, edit, approve, or conduct any method of procurement, and ensure procurement compliance.

  • Personnel tasked with procurement duties that include specification writing; drafting, reviewing, editing or compiling of procurement solicitations; or approving or conducting procurements.

Note: Requires HOPA written delegation. Refer to Procurement Delegation No. 2010-01, as amended.

Position Level 3

Personnel tasked to assist with the review, editing of procurements, proofread or check formatting errors, but not responsible or tasked with the substantive or content matter of the procurement.

  • Personnel who primarily perform clerical or fiscal duties related to procurement or assist with (not conduct) small purchases.

Note: HOPA written delegation is not required.

Tasks Not Assigned to a Specific Position Level

There are no position levels assigned for the below listed duties/responsibilities/tasks. Personnel assigned the tasks are required to attend the applicable training workshops. Check the Procurement Training Requirements table to determine required workshop attendance:

  • Purchasing from the State Procurement Office (SPO) Price and Vendor List Contracts
  • Purchasing Intra and Out-of-state Travel
  • Procurements Conducted on HIePRO*
  • Inventory Management**
  • Surplus Property**
  • pCard Purchases*
  • Posting of procurement solicitation and award notices , and CPO requests for Executive Branch departments only (HANDS)***

* Requires written HOPA delegation of authority (Form SPO-036).

** Requires written HOPA delegation of authority (Form SPO-017B or SPO-042).

***Requires Accounts Manager authorization. Refer to Procurement Circular No. (coming soon), or as amended