Relating to Homelessness- Training for Non-Profit Organizations

Training for Non-Profit Organizations on how to do business with the State.

ACT162 Training Team

The Hawaiʻi legislature found that homeless outreach services and homeless housing programs were lacking in rural areas of the State. While there are more robust services in urban centers, we need to make an extra effort to address rural needs.

The Health & Human Services Procurement Division of the State Procurement Office partnered with the DHS Homeless Division and the Governor’s Office to provide training across the Hawaiian Islands. The training was aimed towards the non-profit providers who service the homeless population, specifically in the more rural areas of Hawaii. Training on how to do business, how to partner, and the administration requirements are definite must knows from the perspective of any non-profit wanting to do business with the State.

Watch the training videos here:Transcript Slides in PDF file-format can be found here:
Part 1 – State Procurement OfficePart 1 – State Procurement Office.PDF
Part 2 – Homeless Programs OfficePart 2 – Homeless Programs Office.PDF
Part 3 – Federal GrantsPart 3 – Federal Grants.PDF