Professional Services Procurement Method

Professional Services pursuant to HRS Section 103D-104, are those services within the scope of practice of architecture, engineering, law, medicine, accounting, etc. defined as professional by the laws of the State of Hawaii or the scientific occupation series contained in the United States Office of Personnel Management’s Qualifications Standards Handbook.

Determination For UseThis method may be utilized only for those professions defined by statute or listed in the United States Office of Personnel Management's Qualifications Standards Handbook. Design professional services furnished by licensees under HRS Chapter 464 must be procured by this method.
Basis for AwardAwarded to qualified respondent that meets determined criteria by evaluation committee. Prices are agreed to between the State and the vendor.
Brief Description of ProcedureFor each professional service in which there is an anticipated need, a public notice of request for qualifications is issued inviting offerors to submit their qualifications for consideration in response to the request. The review committee evaluates all submissions and prepares a list of qualified providers. When the service is needed, a selection committee evaluates and ranks the qualified providers based on criteria in accordance with statute. The head of purchasing agency (HOPA) negotiates with the highest ranked offeror. If no agreement can be reached, the HOPA negotiates with the next highest ranked and so on until an acceptable contract agreement is reached.
Monetary CapIn accordance with the contract.
Term Limit of ContractIn accordance with the contract.
Public Notice of SolicitationRequired. Shall be posted.
Public Notice of AwardRequired. Must be posted to Professional Services Awards Reporting Website within 7 days of award.
  • Protest of an award: shall be submitted in writing within 5 working days of posting of award. (HAR 3-126-4)
  • Stay of Procurement: Once filed, no further action shall be taken on the procurement until the protest has been settled. (HAR Section 3-126-5)

(Reference: HRS Section 103D-701)
PreferencesPreferences do not apply.
Electronic Procurement SystemElectronic procurement system is not being utilized for this method of procurement at this time.

Statutes & Rules

Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 103D (Table of contents) (Links to sections)


Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-120 to 3-132 (all chapters apply)