Small Purchases Procurement Method

  • Also known as small purchase request for quote.
  • Act 173 SLH 2012 increased small purchase thresholds.
Determination For UseMay be used for purchases within the small purchase threshold amount, and award is based on the lowest responsive, responsible quote. Small purchases shall be simple to procure and administer while providing for as much competition as is practicable.

Small purchases method of procurement may not be used for the following:
  • Solicitations requiring a vendor to propose something other than price.
  • Solicitations where award must be based on criteria other than lowest price.

No parceling: The total of multiple purchases of same, like or related goods, services or construction shall not exceed the small purchase threshold for any 12 month period."...Multiple expenditures shall not be created at the inception of a transaction or project so as to evade the requirements of (HRS Chapter 103D)..."small purchases "...shall not be artificially divided or parceled..."
Basis for AwardLowest responsive, responsible quote.
Brief Description of ProcedureA small purchase request for quotation is developed including specifications, administrative requirements, provisions, etc.  The solicitation is issued on an eProcurement System (State of Hawaii eProcurement System - HIePRO for the Executive Branch). Award is issued on the eProcurement system to the lowest, responsible, responsive offeror. Awards of $2,500 and greater are reported on the SPO awards posting system.

For solicitations between $5,000 and less than $15,000 - for the Executive Branch ($25,000 for other CPO Jurisdictions) 3 written quotes may be solicited from vendors who may provide the goods, services or construction being solicited. Awards of $2,500 and above are reported on the Awards Posting website (Executive Branch).
Monetary CapGoods and services:  less than $100,000*
Construction:  less than $250,000*
  • *Monetary cap was increased by Act 173 SLH 2012.
  • Cap applies to combined total of all same, like or related goods, services or construction purchases within any 12 month period.
Term Limit of ContractIn accordance with the request for quote.
Public Notice of SolicitationNot required.

Note: Small purchases of $25,000 and greater shall be procured using an eProcurement system. Chief Procurement Officers may be more restrictive. For the executive branch, use of the eProcurement system is required for all small purchases of $15,000 and greater.
Public Notice of AwardRequired.  Awards of $2,500 and above shall be posted to Awards Reporting Website (Executive Branch) within 7 days of award (Procurement Circular 2012-04 Instructions.) HIePRO awards are automatically posted.
ProtestsAllowed for any phase of solicitation and award.
  • Protest of any phase of solicitation: shall be submitted in writing prior to receipt of offers. (HAR Section 3-126-3)
  • Protest of an award: shall be submitted in writing within 5 working days of posting of award. (HAR Section 3-126-4)
  • Stay of Procurement: Once filed, no further action shall be taken on the procurement until the protest has been settled. (HAR Section 3-126-5)

(Reference: HRS Section 103D-701)
PreferencesPreferences do not apply.
Electronic Procurement System
  • For Executive Branch: required for all purchases of  $15,000 or greater.  State of Hawaii eProcurement System (HIePRO) shall be used. HIePRO may also be used for smaller purchases.
  • For other CPO jurisdictions: required for small purchases of $25,000 and greater.

Statutes & Rules

Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 103D (Table of contents) (Links to sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-120 to 3-132 (all chapters apply)