Treatment Purchase of Services Procurement Method

This method is not to be used for all services commonly understood as ‘treatment’, but only as specified in “Determination for Use.”

Determination For UseMay be utilized under the following conditions:
  • Services required are by health or social work professionals, including but not limited to medical treatment, counseling, physical, occupational, or other therapeutic services; and
  • Services are needed from time to time; but cannot be accurately predicted on an annual or biennial basis; and
  • Delaying the service until the procurement process can be completed would render the condition worse than at time of diagnosis/assessment.
Basis for AwardDelaying the service until the procurement process can be completed would render the condition worse than at time of diagnosis/assessment.
Brief Description of ProcedureAs needed, annually a public notice of request for qualifications for specified services describing the types of treatment services that may be needed on a periodic basis and providers are invited to submit current statement of qualifications and expressions of interest to the office of the administrator.A committee of at least three qualified employees evaluates submissions and other pertinent information and a list of all qualified applicants is prepared.When the need to purchase arises, the head of a purchasing agency or designee shall, when applicable, contact a minimum of three providers from the appropriate list of qualified providers, select the provider that is most advantageous and negotiate a contract.  If negotiations fail, negotiations shall be conducted with the second, then third most advantageous provider, respectively. If all negotiations fail, the head of the purchasing agency shall contact and negotiate with other providers from the list.
Monetary Cap$100,000 unless waived by the chief procurement officer.
Term Limit of ContractOne year unless waived by the procurement officer.
Public Notice of SolicitationRequired. The public notice shall be posted on the procurement notices website.
Public Notice of AwardRequired. Must be posted to Awards Reporting Website (Executive Branch) within 7 days after award.
  • Shall include service title and list from which the provider was selected, amount awarded, contract term, and names of any other providers on the list that were contacted in conjunction with the procurement.
ProtestsNone specified by statute.
Electronic Procurement SystemThis method is not being procured on an electronic procurement system at this time.

Statutes & Rules

HRS Chapter 103F Purchases of Health and Human Services (Table of contents) (Links to sections)

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapters 3-140 to 3-149

  • HAR Chapter 3-145 Treatment Purchase of Services