Procurement Policy Board Seeks Members

The State of Hawaii is seeking visionary volunteer leaders committed to promoting economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in procurement for State and county governments to serve on the Procurement Policy Board.

The Procurement Policy Board is the state’s agency that establishes and recommends administrative rules, policies and procedures related to the acquisition planning, purchase and contract administration for state and county agencies.

Interested persons can file an application by visiting the Governor’s Boards and Commissions website at

Click on Department of Accounting and General Services, then select PROCUREMENT POLICY Board, then Submit.

A member of the public may apply on his or her own behalf or recommend other qualified applicants. The majority of boards and commissions members are volunteers.

Pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes §103D-201, members of the PPB shall be appointed by the governor from a list of three individuals for each vacant position.



Currently, the Procurement Policy Board Nominating Committee (“Nominating Committee”) is urgently seeking applicants for the following positions:

1)  Health & Human Services – Health (vacant)

2) Health & Human Services – Human Services (vacant)

3) Certified Procurement Professional (vacant)

4) County Employee (vacant)

5) General

Procurement professionals may apply for the position of Federal Employee at any time in anticipation of the expiration of this term.

For more information about the role and duties of the Procurement Policy Board, see

Visit Boards and Commissions for additional information.

Applications will be reviewed by the Procurement Policy Board Nominating Committee, which will then submit its recommendations to the Office of the Governor.  The Governor will submit his recommendations to the State Senate for advice and consent during the Legislative Session.