What is HIePRO?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

HIePRO is the State of Hawaii eProcurement system, a system for issuing solicitations, receiving responses, and issuing notices of award.  HIePRO is hosted by the Tyler Hawaii and has many features.

HIePRO is required for small purchase requests for quotes for goods, services and construction from $15,000 and above pursuant to HRS Chapter 103D, for the executive branch, the Judiciary and Hawaii Health Systems Corporation.  Some agencies are also using HIePRO for Invitation for Bids. The State Procurement Office (SPO) conducts all solicitations on HIePRO including ...
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Is there a fee to use HIePRO?

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

HIePRO is an unfunded initiative which means that no funds have been appropriated for the program.  There is no cost for vendors to register or to submit quotes or bids. However upon award, the awarded vendor must pay Tyler Hawaii .75% of the original awarded amount, capped at $5,000, within 30 days. Variations to the ...
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No, if a vendor is in HIePRO it is not a guarantee that the vendor is compliant. This is because vendor compliance status can change from day to day.  HIePRO connects with Hawaii Compliance Express each time the vendor logs in.

Agencies may solicit quotes using when it is known the cost will be less than $15,000 and it is permissible to award for less than $15,000 on HIePRO. There are a number of solicitations on HIePRO for less than $15,000.

Price and vendor list contracts are not on HIePRO.  State and county agencies continue following the instructions of the particular price/vendor list contract. Solicitations conducted by SPO to create statewide price or vendor list contacts are conducted on HIePRO.

When you register in HIePRO, you will create a profile of your company including selecting from a list the categories of the goods, services and construction your company is interested in providing. When you log in to HIePRO, the solicitations that fall within your profile are displayed rather than having to search through a long ...
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No, vendors do not have to include all commodity codes in the vendor commodity profile. From the HIePRO landing page (https://hiepro.hawaii.gov) log in and select search. From the Solicitations tab, search for the solicitation using any of the search fields given, when the list appears select the Solicitation Number for the solicitation. To view all ...
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Solicitations open to all vendors and all awards issued on HIePRO are viewable without logging in. On the landing page (https://hiepro.hawaii.gov) select the Public Search link. From the Solicitations tab find the solicitation and select the solicitation number to view the current version of the solicitation including attachments. From the Awards tab you may view ...
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Yes. Proof of compliance is required when a HIePRO solicitation is awarded.  Registering in Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) before responding to solicitations is the most efficient way to do that as it allows time for their compliance applications to be reviewed by the various departments determining compliance.  See the Hawaii Compliance Express FAQ.