The major change is for the property disposition authority (chapter 8), but it was first implemented thru the interim HAR 3-130, as explained on the procurement circular 2014-17(A) Amendment 1 that was issued on 11/19/2014 (  The interim HAR has finally approved to become permanent on August 21, 2016.

Where is the inventory manual?

Posted on Dec 9, 2013

View the inventory system user manual (PDF).

Where are the inventory forms?

Posted on Dec 5, 2013

View the inventory management and excess property forms.

The department may utilize the SPO price list contract for inventory decals available under the price & vendor list contracts.

To strengthen departmental internal controls, a computer package may be tagged by assigning a decal number on each computer components, the CPU, monitor and keyboard. The original decal placed on the CPU; and the other components assigned the same decal number with a permanent marker or type/handwritten labels.

The FAIS assigns the MCN between each active record numbers, which are set in 10 series or increments to add new property to the FAIS. The latest MDB report 020 or 033 provides a complete list of active MCN in the FAIS. The agency may also request additional MCN for new equipment. Send an email ...
Read More How is the Maintenance Control Number (MCN) assigned for adding new property to the Fixed Asset Inventory System (FAIS)?

The inventory file is updated by the department Property Custodian on form SPO-017A, Detail Inventory of Property. (Refer to inventory system users manual, chapter 9).

Newly acquired property is reported on form SPO-017A, in the quarter of the fiscal year the agency receives the property or when the agency assumes responsibility for maintaining the property to update the FAIS. (Refer to inventory system user manual, chapter 6).

Form SPO-017A may be submitted as often as needed to report inventory transactions. Transactions are recorded to the FAIS based on the quarter update cycle (Refer to inventory system user manual, chapter 2 – Schematic Overview on page 2-3).

The agency needs to attach all transfer documents (form SPO-026), any approved disposal applications with completed certificate of disposals (form SPO-034) for a unit cost equal and above $1,000, and any approved lost, stolen or damaged disposal applications for a unit cost equal and above $500.