Employees are authorized one (1) piece of checked luggage of standard size and weight. Additional pieces of luggage may be allowed with sufficient justification provided on form SPO030, Worksheet A, and approved on the TAF.

Employees are responsible to pay for their own checked luggage. Proof of payment (i.e. receipt) must be submitted to seek reimbursement. Refer to PL Contract No. 18-13, Inter-island Airline Price Agreement for waivers/discounts on checked baggage fees.

Personal preferences are any deviation from authorized business travel. It includes, but not limited to, personal preferences for airlines, routing, stopovers, hotels, car type or size, and dates of travel.

The employee is responsible for any additional cost due to personal preferences or deviations. If the travel agency, airlines, or internet travel provider breaks down the cost of the airfare for authorized fare and personal deviation, the pCard may be used for the authorized portion only. If the cost of the airfare is not broken ...
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What is travel time off?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Travel Time Off is the result of an agreement between the Hawaii Government Employees Association (Union) on behalf of employees in Bargaining Units 2, 3, 4, 9, and 13 and the State. It compensates employees who are required to work outside their normal business hours.

Who does travel time off apply to?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Travel time off applies only to employees who would qualify for overtime pay and is only for same day travel.

How is travel time off calculated?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Calculations start 30 minutes prior to flight time and ends when flight returns to home airport. Travel time off is computed at one and ½ times, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. Example: Employees regular hours: 7:45 am–4:30 pm Travel Times:  Departure: 6:05 am – Arrival: 6:41 am Departure: 5:15 pm – Arrival: 5:51 pm ...
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Employees who qualify for overtime pay may be entitled to overtime pay when on official travel. Employee must be actively engaged in work (i.e. training, meeting, site inspection etc.) outside normal business days and hours to claim overtime. Travel time is not work time, even if travel occurs on a weekend.

Travel benefits accrued on state business must be used for subsequent state business or transferred to another employee for state business. If the travel benefits are non-transferable it must be used for future State business. Travel benefits, earned on business travel cannot be used for personal travel.

Travel forms include, but are not limited to: SPO-030 Travel Approval Form SPO-030A Worksheet A – Airfare and Baggage Fees SPO-030B Worksheet B – Computation of Per Diem and Meal Allowance SPO-030C Worksheet C – Hotel Accommodations SPO-030D Worksheet D – Ground Transportation Refer to Procurement Circular No. 2007 – 03 and its amendments for ...
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