I am not sure which position level I am. How do I know which workshops to take?

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in Featured. Training.

The position levels are described with examples. You must attend all workshops mandatory for any method of procurement in which you have a role in conducting, reviewing or approving the procurement.

For instance, if you never have a role in conducting, reviewing or approving construction procurements, the workshops relating to construction are not mandatory:

  • SPO 130- Construction Procurements
  • SPO 185- Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll & Contracting Agency Responsibilities.

Note: Departments may require personnel to attend workshops that are not SPO requirements and may also require personnel to repeat workshops at specified intervals. Check with your department.

Executive branch agency personnel conducting procurements must have written delegated procurement authority (Completed and submitted form SPO-036 and SPO-036 transmittal.