(Amended by Act 181; effective 7/1/15) Requires all Chief Procurement Officers to coordinate with the Administrator of the State Procurement Office regarding procurement policies, innovations, and concerns. Requires the reporting of procurement contract data pursuant to requirements established by the Administrator.

(Amended by Act 233; effective 6/30/2016) Requires landscaping projects of State-developed buildings, complexes, facilities, or housing to incorporate specified percentages of Hawaiian plants in order to contribute to a Hawaiian sense of place, to reduce the use of non-native invasive plant species, and to support the preservation of Hawaii’s cultural and ecological heritage. Requires exclusion ...
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Legislative Session Changes

Posted on Dec 2, 2012

The following were amended by Act 173, SLH 2012: HRS Section 103D-305 HRS Section 103D-701.5 (New Section) HRS Section 103D-709 HRS Section 103D-710

Legislative Session Changes

Posted on Dec 2, 2011

The following were amendments were made in 2011: HRS Section 103D-104 – Amended by Act 211, SLH 2011 HRS Section 103D-203 – Amended by Act 131, SLH 2011 HRS Section 103D-303 – Amended by Act 211, SLH 2011 HRS Section 103D-310 – Amended by Act 190, SLH 2011 HRS Section 103D-407 – Amended by Act ...
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(Amended by Act 207; effective 7/6/10) Changes title to requirements of ethical public procurement. Requires public employees, and actual or prospective bidders, offerors, contractors, businesses or other interested parties, when participating in public procurements,to do so in an ethical manner; and provides for specific ethical standards. Note that Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) chapter 3-131 on ...
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(Amended by Act 082 Section 2;  effective 7/1/10) Amends section (c) by temporarily authorizing the University of Hawaii(UH) or the Board of Regents (BOR) limited exemption from the procurement code. Severs the State Procurement Office oversight duties and responsibilities, including corrective actions to ensure a consistent and fair procurement system for all affected parties. The ...
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(Amended by Act 140; effective 7/1/10) Applies to highway construction affecting relocation of utilities (HRS §264-33) involving state or county funds, including funds from a utility company. Adds a new subsection applicable to Department of Transportation (DOT) highway construction work limited to HRS §264-33, relocation of utility facilities. The DOT or county may certify sufficient ...
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(Amended by Act 175 SLH 2009, Part I, Section 1) Adds an exemption for GSA Sole Source vendors under certain conditions. See Procurement Circular 2009-09 – Guidance on Procurement Exemptions for Federal General Services Administration Sole Source Vendor.

(Amended by Act 175, SLH 2009 Part II, Section 3) Fresh meats, animals and plants are subject to the chapter and may not be exempt. See Procurement Circular 2009-08 – Guidance on Procurement of Fresh Meats and Produce, and Animals and Plants.

HRS 103D-305 Small Purchase

Posted on Dec 23, 2009

(Amended by Act 175 SLH 2009, Part I, Section 2) Temporarily increases small purchase thresholds for goods and services and construction. Requires performance bonds for construction awards of $25,000 or more. This section of Act 175 is repealed 7/1/12. See Procurement Circular 2009-14 – Small Purchases Procurements and Performance Bonds for Construction (to Chief Procurement ...
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