The purchasing card program is similar to a credit card, designed to streamline the state and county government’s small purchase payment process. It replaces the laborious and costly purchase order system by allowing employees to charge small purchases from vendors using the pCard without having to prepare a purchase order, and thereafter process an invoice for payment. The cards are the property of the government, issued to responsible employees to make official purchases. The program improves management controls, provides expenditure data, increases purchasing efficiency, and allows payment to vendors by the card issuer generally within a few days of the purchase


Procurement Circulars

  • PC_2022-05 – Bank of America State of Hawaii Purchasing Card Program (Program Overview) (PDF)
  • PC 2022-06 -Request to Use Purchasing Card for Blocked Purchase (Executive Branch) (PDF)
  • PC 2022-07 – Request to Use Purchasing Card for Blocked Purchase (CPO Jurisdictions) (PDF)
  • PC 2022-08 – pCard Rebates (PDF)

Emergency pCard

Procurement Delegation

Comptroller Memorandums

  • CM 2003-22 – Protocol Fund (PDF)
  • CM 2004-36 – Mandatory Use of pCards (PDF)
  • CM 2005-08 – Clarification on Mandatory Use of pCards (PDF)
  • CM 2005-14 – Encumbering pCard Transactions (PDF)
  • CM 2007-20 – Amended – Documentation Requirements for Purchases of Goods or Services (PDF)
  • CM 2010-01 – Documentation Requirements for Supporting Documents of pCard Charges (PDF)