Education Organization (Non-Profit)

  1. Includes charter schools, private schools (K-12 or higher education), research organizations, child care centers and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs/Sheltered Workshops who receive grant funding to provide training to persons with physical or mental disabilities.


  1. Must be accredited or approved by nationally recognized accrediting agency or the current recipient of research grants by a recognized authority (i.e. National Institute of Education) or a similar national advisory organization.
    • Private Schools
      • The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC)
      • Hawaii Council of Private Schools
    • Child Care
      • Department of Human Services
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Programs/Sheltered Workshops
      • U.S. Department of Labor,
      • State of Hawaii Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations,
      • National Commission for Certifying Agencies


  1. Required additional documentation that must be submitted with application:
    • Certificate of accreditation or letter of approval from a nationally recognized accrediting agency OR research grant from National Institute of Education or similar national advisory organization.
    • Letter from IRS certifying status as a 501(C) non-profit. IRS ruling letter must include current name and address
    • Complete narrative about your organization, including:
      • course levels,
      • enrollment,
      • facilities, and
      • staff information.
    • Articles of incorporations, bylaws, charter or other organizing document (optional)
    • List of additional research grants awarded (optional)