Museums, Libraries, Nature Centers, Planetariums, Aquariums & Zoos

  1. Must be open to the public, and, at minimum, accedes to any request submitted for access during “business hours” (interpreted here to be approximately 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, although reasonable variation from these hours may be considered due to individual circumstances, such as a museum located in a commercial location with strict business hours, or restrictions based on zoning or other state or local ordinances). Furthermore, exhibits must be primary focus, and must not be incidental to the primary function of the institution. Also, must have a minimum of one fulltime staff member or the equivalent (i.e. one staff member who works 40 hours per week or two staff members who work 20 hours each per week).
  2. Required additional documentation that must be submitted with application:
      • Letter from IRS certifying status as a 501(C) non-profit. IRS ruling letter must include current name and address.
      • Complete narrative about your organization, including:
        • description of type(s) of exhibits & location(s);
        • staff roster, including name of curator (or equivalent) whose primary job is to care for the museum and its exhibits, and average number of hours each staff member works per week (may be volunteer or paid);
        • days and hours open to the public;
        • admission fee (if any);
        • description of the local community and population served by the museum; and
        • square footage of the museum.
      • Pictures of exhibits, exhibit signage, facilities, and posted hours of operations.
      • Articles of incorporations, bylaws, charter or other organizing document.
      • Latest Annual Financial Statement or Budget.
      • Brochures, pamphlets, website, or other promotional materials (optional).
      • Organizational Memberships (optional)
  3. All Museums must also select and fill out the Museum Access Agreement per new federal requirements.