Veterans Small Business Enhancement Act of 2018 (Public Law 115-416)

Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB’s) are now eligible to participate with the Hawaii Federal Surplus Personal Property Program.

Note, that a major part of the application process is that VOSB’s MUST be certified/verified through VA.


Complete the Application Packet and provide documentary evidence of the following:

  1. Business must be verified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business with the VA.
    • The VA has an online database of currently verified VOSBs:
    • Additional helpful information about the VA’s verification process can be found at:
    • If you are not currently registered with the VA, or your certification has expired, then we strongly recommend that you start the application or renewal process NOW! Sources tell us that VA processing times for new applicants can take 6 weeks – 3 months.
  2. Business must have a location and operations in the State of Hawaii.
  3. Complete narrative about your organization, including:
    • Description of services provided;
    • Facility information & location.