Procurement Training Requirements

Steps in determining which workshops are mandatory to attend:

  1. Obtain Written Delegation of Procurement Authority.  Refer to Procurement Delegation No. 2010-01, as amended, and see required procurement delegation authority.  Procurement officers and personnel assigned procurement duties shall be delegated procurement authority by the head of the purchasing agency (HOPA), the department head. Personnel without appropriate delegation and training for HRS chapters 103D and 103F shall not participate in any procurement activity. The term ‘participate’ means the various procurement activities such as to oversee/supervise the procurement process; develop, draft, review, edit, conduct, manage or approve the specifications or solicitation; administer the contract.
  2. Determine Procurement Position Level.  Refer to the procurement position levels. Position levels are used to determine training requirements. The page serves as a guide to determine procurement personnel position by the duties/responsibilities/tasks assigned or delegated.
  3. Determine Procurement Training Requirements.  Refer to the procurement training requirements table. Mandatory and recommended workshop requirements are determined by the position level and procurement method used. This table is divided into 3 sections: (1) HRS chapter 103D, Goods, Services and Construction; (2) HRS chapter 103F, Purchases of Health and Human Services; and (3)  HIePRO – State of Hawaii eProcurement System.
  4. Register for Workshop(s).  Refer to the schedule & registration page for workshops currently offered. Click on the workshop date to register for the workshop. Handouts, if available for printing, are accessible at this site.  You may also wish to refer to the training materials & references page.
  5. Attend Workshops.  Procurement officers and personnel delegated procurement authority shall attend all applicable mandatory training workshops.